March 9, 2018
Today, the world we are living in is rapidly changing and all seem just taking place overnight! Market competition as cruel as a battlefield, business model always quickly change for better and competitors are becoming more capable one after another. Sometimes we don’t even know where our real competitions are coming from. Even with years of effort and preparations, it is likely that cross-border integration and collaboration in different industries may bring us back to square one. The company has experienced two years of transformation (Metamorphosis), two years of innovation and persistence, now realize that the transformation, innovation, and persistence does not guarantee business success, but it is only the basic needs and requirement for survival. Having that said, all of us, by now, ought to have a deeper understanding and perspective that everything: including market competition, business model and capital market investment mentioned all originates and stems back to Product. With over 20 years’ effort, we should pride ourselves knowing that we have to value our competitive position as one of the few enterprises with not only OBM / ODM / OEM capability but also vertically integrated from design, product development, manufacturing, wholesale to retail. As Metamorphosis, Innovation and Persistence are becoming only the basic instincts and means to survive in this challenging market; we need more to thrive. With that in mind, MAX’s theme in 2018 will be Professionalism and Execution.