Exceed customer expectation through resource integration.

Vertically integrated resources, provides our partners with One-Stop-Shop services.
From design and development to production, provide a full range of multi-directional interaction with partners, and strive to provide value-for-money products
Establish long-term and sustainable cooperative relations with partners from all over the world; progressing with the times. Grow the trees together and share the fruits together.



Product excellence is our core mission.

The spirits driving Max, combine them with seasonal workers and top-notch machines, we are able to consistently deliver quality and unique products to our customers. The multi-faceted industry leading material room has the latest trend and classic collection of accessories and leathers; furthermore, we offer a complete database of shoe last and heels to assist our partners in product development. MIC (Max Innovation Centre) and SPC (Standard Product Centre) along with the tools we have above are where Max spirits of creativity and perseverance truly exemplified. Max Group is the industry leader, our dedication to manufacturing empowers us with the most competitive value.

MAX Innovation Center: This is where the core of our products, sample production and commercialization team anchors.

Standard Product Center:  SPC in short, this is where JC and his team of experience technicians defines all the standards of Max DNA in a shoe.  Everything from linear fluidity of arch on the lasts down to silhouette of the upper patterns.

Material Library:  Our newly built material library is where we empower our designers a heaven to build their collection, with all the materials you can possibility think of in the market place, may it be the current trend, or an article that flooded the market in the past.


At Max Group, we focus on growing your brand. Through our collaboration we will support you in creating your bespoke product line. Once we are invested in your brand we’ll monitor each step of the process, this goes further than just the manufacturing. We also align your business with our global distribution channels both online and offline.



Regional Showroom in New York, Munich, and Hong Kong to serve customers worldwide. MAX Group believes that extensive global distribution is key to any sustainable business model and therefore, over and above its ownership of brands at a trademark level, MAX Group has established major wholesale distribution with the creation of Highline United in New York & Highline Asia in Hong Kong. Highline distributes the Group’s brands all over the world.


Max understands retail is detail and that’s why we have invested in lots of experience professionals from retail management to Ecommerce to truly find ways to interact with our customers. We are determined to build our Omni channel retail platform based on customer feedback and service our customer first hand.