March 2, 2020
Spring beat the drum, the year sounded the horn! With the year-end bell, a brand new year is lightly coming.Mr. J.C. Chiang, Chairman of MAX Group, is pleased to extend his New Year’s wishes to all MAX family at this moment. wish you all the best and a healthy, lucky new year!Click here to watch the greeting video. The following is the transcript for the greeting video.

Dear Max colleagues:
2019 was a year full of uncertainty and challenges. Some of our clients faced financial difficulties. The China and America trade war became intense. Things like these inevitably disturb our pace moving forward.In light of overcoming the challenges, we made an effort to consolidate the various material suppliers and subsidiary factories on one hand. On the other hand, we regrouped the business development and systematize the operation procedures.2020 remains a year of uncertainty and challenges. The tangling China and America relation goes on, and the export orders rapidly being placed elsewhere outside of China seems unstoppable. Whether these will cause deep damage is a question on everyone’s mind.Meanwhile, we are also racing against time thanks to the flooding information generated at light speed. To deal with that, efficiency is the most important key, and systemization is even more important in the Information Age.We must be aware that only through our proactive participation and actions to turn problem into opportunity, we call the shot for better tomorrow.In China, 2020 is the year of mouse, which is small in size but ranks top on the 12 animal list, also meaning the beginning of a new cycle.Wish you and your family great luck, great health, happy life, dreams come true in the year of mouse.Thank you!